What kind of wedding videos do you make? Do you only make short videos like the ones you present on your website?

As I am a strong advocate of quality surpassing quantity and minimalistic approach, I produce three main types of wedding films:

Highlights Wedding Film – approx. 5 mins long is small, wonderful filmic memory of your wedding day, but captured without a compromise and with the same artistic aesthetics genuine to all my wedding films.
Short Wedding Film – approx. 10 mins long which captures all the highlights and emotions of your day and is put together with some carefully selected music into a unique cinematic piece.
Wedding Feature Film – approx. 20 mins long and filmed with 2 cameras leads you through all the moments of your wedding day while still preserving all the emotions and cinematic qualities of the short film.


Where are you based and are you willing to travel?

I am based in Zagreb, Croatia. But I really like discovering new places, so if it’s possible for me to arrange a convenient way to get to your wedding, I’d love to be there with you.

How many months in advance can we book you?

I am currently accepting bookings up to 12 months in advance. If your wedding date is in a year or less, be welcomed to send me an email or booking inquiry.

What are the steps if we decide to book you?

Best way is to send me an email through a contact form on my website. Be sure to write down all the necessary informations regarding the location, venue and wedding date and, if possible, add couple of lines about the plans you’re having for your wedding day. After we settle on the wedding film package details, I will be sending you a services contract alongside information for the required reservation fee.

How do you deliver the final product?

After it is finished, your film will be delivered to you on a usb thumb drive in a unique handcrafted wooden box packaging alongside an online video link which will be available on my Vimeo channel for you to easily be able to share it with your friends and family.

What kind of camera gear do you use?

I am always trying to be on the cutting edge of technology so I can provide the best possible image quality to my clients and still be able to travel light while not being to intrusive with the big, intimidating gear around you. At the moment I’m shooting with the Sony A7s camera and a selection of wonderful, mostly vintage, lenses for that very special, organic touch on the image.